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Start with a idea

Clairmont Design + Build
While making a major change to your new home is exciting and rewarding, it can also seem overwhelming. That is why Clairmont Design Build uses a process to guide each project from idea to reality- ensuring clear communication, timeliness and organization, and exceptional quality.

Design Build is the type of remodeling we do, and here’s what it means: we work with top designers and architectural engineers who will work with us to design the space of your dreams, and while we are going through this process with you, we are also including our expert craftsmen in the process.

Design Build Remodeling offers our clients two huge advantages

One, we have the resources to create a functional, “real-world” plan: it can be built with the materials you’ve specified within your budget. Two, it prepares our craftsmen to seamlessly build your design when its time. They’re ready to go and ready to focus on quality, not playing catch-up to understand the design.

When you choose Clairmont Design Build, you’ll find that each phase of your project is handled smoothly and professionally, with clear communication between you and us.
If you already have a design, we would still love to help make your plan a reality. Our team of professionals are happy to complete a project, no matter what phase of the process you’re in when you meet us.